At Foodifox, we’re all about Great Meals Shared and sharing a love for good food. That’s why we’re inviting our customers who love our food to share this love with their friends! Now is the time more than ever to get in touch with your loved ones, remind them to stay home and take the time to enjoy a great meal, and we’re going to help you do just that!

We’re so happy by the support you’ve shown us, and now we want to give back by helping you to check in on your friends and treat them to 10% off our Foodipack range! 

We’ll provide you with a 10% promo code to share with 3 friends, and once all 3 friends have used the code to order a Foodipack, your most recent Foodipack order will be our shout! As a way of saying thank you for sharing the Foodifox love with your friends and family,
we will give you your money back on your most recent Foodipack order.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, set up an online dinner party, order your Foodipack and enjoy a delicious meal together!

Here are a couple of T’s & C’s to ensure we’re all playing in good faith and have the most fun!

1. Your refund is activated when 3 people use your personalised promo code.
2. All orders using your personalised promo code must include a Foodipack.
3.1 Your full refund only applies to your most recent (1) Foodipack order (if your order contains additional items or more than 1 Foodipack, only one (1) Foodipack will be refunded).
3.2 Your full refund is calculated based on the price that you paid for your most recent Foodipack (if you order more than 1 Foodipack, we will refund the higher valued Foodipack).
3.3 Refund waiting times depend on payment method used, please allow 14 days to receive full refund.
4. Full refunds are limited to the first 100 customers who have 3 friends successfully use their promo code within the same fortnight.
5 Your Foodipack is available for pickup and delivery every Thursday & Friday.

*We appreciate your honesty and good faith in taking part in this great promotion and doing the right thing by the rules set out above.

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