Foodifox Formula

Foodifox is a new food & beverage label embracing advanced technology systems to create an authentic and unparalleled food experience.

We collaborate with passionate cooks to transform their sensational recipes into readily available meals for our customers to enjoy via our high-tech, convenient and contactless food delivery framework

Foodifox Flame

A passionate cook who has the opportunity to share their recipe with the world.

Foodifox Kitchen

We transform our Foodifox Flames’ family recipes into ready-made meals.

Foodifox App

Customers select and pre-order our unique meals, available for next day delivery.

Foodifox Pick Up Points

We utilise state-of-the-art technology to create a new meal delivery framework that is high-tech and convenient.

Foodifox Locker

A completely new and contactless way to collecting food

Foodifox Premium

We also have a number of services available for our customers to create memorable culinary experiences.

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